Jubilee Shoot

(Range Opened 1977)

Sunday 25th August 2002
2+15 @ 400, 600 & 1000yds


Tim Kidner Picking up Best TR Score Prize
Dave Gladwin Picking up Top O Class Prize
Ian Conacher Picking up T Class prize
Adam McPherson Picking up F Class Prize
Pos Name 400yds 600yds 1000yds Grand Agg.
X Class        
1 M.Joyce 72v7 74v11 67v5 213v23
2 S.Thomas 70v7 72v8 68v4 210v19
3 H.Hunter 73v4 68v2 62v3 203v9
A Class        
1 T.Kidner 70v11 74v9 73v7 217v27
2 G.Lane 70v5 75v9 72v6 217v20
3 E.Jones 74v9 72v4 71v5 217v18
4 P.Jess 72v12 72v6 70v2 214v20
5 R.Taylor 72v6 68v6 71v2 211v14
6 K.Pugh 72v6 68v6 71v2 211v14
7 K.MacDonald 73v9 70v7 65v1 208v17
8 J.Brown 72v10 65v2 65v5 202v17
9 J.Bell 71v4 70v4 53v2 194v10
O Class        
1 D.Gladwin 73v11 72v5 70v9 215v25
2 A.Mabon 70v8 75v9 67v4 212v21
3 A.Nocoll 72v9 68v5 70v8 210v22
4 R.Scott 68v5 71v10 69v6 208v21
5 J.Kettle 72v6 66v2 70v4 208v12
6 C.McEachran 71v7 72v6 63v1 206v14
7 J.McRae 69v5 63v2 69v5 203v12
8 J.Robb 71v5 63v2 69v5 203v12
9 P.Dingle 71v4 59v4 72v7 202v15
10 R.Aitken 69v6 69v5 60v4 198v15
11 J.McDonald 72v8 60v2 63v1 195v11
12 G.Nicoll 66v5 65v3 63v2 194v10
13 D.Gow 70v6 71v8 51v4 192v18
14 R.Mason 71v4 67v2 54v2 192v8
15 P.Grant 63v5 66v2 62v3 191v10
16 M.Barton 64v4 61v2 0v0 125v6
T Class        
1 I.Connacher 70v8 67v3 49v2 186v13
2 R.Petfield 58v6 66v3 60v1 184v10
3 A.Hay 58v2 57v2 55v2 170v6
4 W.Johnstone 63v4 64v3 41v1 168v8
5 B.Borland 60v3 50v3 0v0 110v6
6 D.Rhouma 55v0 52v1 0.0 107v1
F Class        
1 A.McPherson 75v12 71v6 70v3 216v21
2 J.Wilson 75v9 69v6 69v4 213v19
3 S.Nicoll 72v11 67v6 68v2 207v15
4 A.Munro 68v5 68v7 69v6 205v18
Match Rifle        
1 M.Brown     99v15 99v15
2 C.McEachran     99v10 99v10
3 J.Campbell-Smith     97v8 97v8
4 A.Campbell-Smith     94v7 94v7
5 R.Meldrum     86v7 86v7

Notable Results in Red

Winning Target Squad on Target 2 at 1000yds
Class Name
O Jim Kettle
O John McRae
O John Ross
A Robbie Taylor
O Bob Aitken
O John McDonald
O Colin McEachran

Each Top Class Score and above Target Squad won a bottle of Whisky

The prizes were presented by Joanna Thomas, wife of Steve Thomas previously Joanna Hall, daughter of Jack Hall.

Joanna gave out prizes at the inaugural shoot 25 years ago. (She must have been VERY young then!)

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