Murray Cup 2002

Sunday 22nd September 2002
2+10 & 900x, 600x, 500x, 400x and 300m (in that order)


John Potter Winner of Murray Cup
Des Parr Winner of F Class
Name 900 600 500 400 300 Total Place
J Potter 48v5 48v5 49v5 48v6 48v5 241v26 1
T Kidner 49v5 47v1 48v5 50v8 44v2 238v21 2
R Scott 50v3 49v4 47v3 49v9 42v1 237v20 3
A Mabon 48v5 47v4 47v3 48v5 45v2 235v19 4
J Brown 45v4 47v3 49v8 46v3 47v1 234v19 5
K MacDonald 48v5 47v4 47v2 44v4 46v2 232v17 6
M Joyce 46v4 44v3 47v5 46v2 48v3 231v17 7
P Dingle 43v0 42v0 48v6 48v5 48v3 229v14 8
D Brown 43v2 44v3 48v5 46v5 46v2 227v17 9
D Gladwin 45v3 47v5 45v3 46v2 44v2 227v15 10
J MacDonald 41v2 42v3 47v3 48v5 47v3 225v16 11
I Conacher 44v0 42v2 48v4 49v4 41v0 244v10 12
J Kettle 45v1 46v5 45v2 47v3 37v2 220v13 13
K Baxby 45v3 44v1 43v3 43v4 42v3 217v14 14
J McRae 44v2 42v1 47v1 49v8 35v1 217v13 15
J Munro 0v0 44v3 48v6 46v2 44v2 182v13 16
M B-Hamilton 0v0 38v6 0v0 48v5 0v0 86v11 17
D Parr 49v7 50v7 49v5 50v9 47v5 245v33 1
J Bell 49v3 41v1 48v6 48v6 49v7 235v23 2
G Hogston 48v4 46v2 49v5 45v3 47v5 235v19 4
A McPherson 49v5 45v4 47v3 47v5 45v4 233v21 3
S Nicoll 36v2 42v6 44v3 44v1 43v3 209v15 5
A Munro 0v0 46v3 50v4 47v6 47v4 190v17 6

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