SRA Pentagonal & Finlux Results

6th July 2008
The Captain and his winning West Atholl team
Captain of West Atholl, James Bell, receiving the trophy from past SRA Chairman Bob Aitken
A superb score from Peter Jackson helped West of Scotland to win the Finlux.
Pentagonal (TR Teams)   Finlux (F' Class Teams)
    900X 900X
1st Tayside Total
J.Potter 74v11 50v08 124v19
J.Adamson 72v08 47v06 119v14
K.Baxby 70v07 47v02 117v09
I.Connacher 71v05 45v04 116v09
A.Ozmond 63v01 44v03 107v04
J.Bell 65v05 41v02 106v07
2nd East of Scotland
C.Aitken 74v09 45v03 119v12
R.Aitken 70v05 49v06 119v11
A.Hay 68v02 48v05 116v07
A.Layman 68v05 47v04 115v09
E.Lamont 71v06 43v00 114v06
3rd Aberdeen & North
T.Kidner 74v09 48v06 121v15
W.Lakey 70v04 46v03 116v07
J.Kettle 67v02 49v02 116v04
J.McRae 68v05 47v03 115v08
M.Joyce 64v04 50v03 114v07
4th West of Scotland
R.Simpson 72v03 47v03 119v06
A.Mabon 72v07 46v01 118v08
M.Ozmond 71v06 44v05 115v11
E.Jones 64v03 47v04 111v07
C.Halleran 69v05 42v02 111v07
J.MacDonald 67v05 43v01 110v06
5th Fife & Kinross
M.Barlow 73v10 48v02 121v12
R.Taylor 70v03 46v01 116v04
N.MacDonald 68v05 43v03 111v08
H.Fox 65v05 40v02 105v07
L.Bornman 63v02 39v00 102v02
B.Woodroffe 65v02 - 65v02
Z.Woodroffe 52v00 - 52v00
best five to count for each team
    900X 900X  
1st West of Scotland Total
P.Jackson 72v06 49v06 121v12
T.Barrett 69v05 43v02 112v07
R.Scaglione 70v02 31v01 101v03
2nd East of Scotland
R.Gow 67v03 44v01 111v04
J.McKee 63v03 45v01 108v04
M.Park 39v01 - 39v01
3rd Aberdeen & North
T.Kidner 63v02 41v00 104v02
D.Smith 59v02 43v00 102v02
best two to count  

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