Work Day 12th April 2012


Steven Duncan's handiwork
This illustrates the work done to reinforce the butt-stop barrier and incidentally shows a mediaeval siege engine, loaded with the body of an unwashed labourer about to be fired over the defences (or “mantlet”) to spread disease and panic.
Bell's Patent
One bucketfull going up, 299 to come. James operates his self-built “ Bell’s Aggregate Lifting & Laying System: Ultimate Prototype”.
Collapsing barrier
Des, Kenny, James and Adam starting work on the collapsing barrier. H&S inspector Hogston thinks “ If it collapses now, there will be four membership vacancies.”
Mark Guest
Not a “ morning after” picture, but Mark Guest re-establishing the WC water supply.
Richard & Des
Richard Scott and Des Parr applying rubber to a newly built target frame: two down, four to go.
Steven Duncan's handiwork
Steven Duncan is pleased with the work he did to fill in the ruts beyond the cattle grid, where at least two cars have “bottomed”.

In the first 3 weeks of the season 22 man-days of work have been done. As well as the usual mantlet clearing and re-establishment of the sanitary facilities the collaspsing butt-stop barrier has been reinforced, the 1000yd firing point quagmire has been drained and a good start has been made on topping up the aggregate in the butt-stop depressions. Many thanks to those who turned out, especially to those who helped with the last three tasks, saving “The Club” -in other words the members - about £3000. As John Potter has subtly hinted below, most of those doing the work are past their prime and the injury tally is impressive. It would be good to see more of the younger and fitter shooting membership helping with the work. The alternative is that we pay contractors and put up subscriptions and range hire charges accordingly.

Keith Baxby
WARC chairman

The OLD Reliables
The OLD Reliables

Photo on left shows the result of Iain Connacher's appeal for help. Iain turned up towards the end and did a bit of rope pulling, not bad considering he has been undergoing chemotherapy.

James Bell designed and built the hoist utilising pully block technology and a WW2 fire bucket modified by the addition of wheels. Seems his great grandpaw was a Roman Engineer who came over with Antonine to build a wall or something. Anyhow, it worked and we filled in 3.5 holes in the back stop. One less person and no work would have been possible.

I estimate the aggregate age of the work force to be at least 190, these younger types just can't handle hard work, only fit for shooting. (Take that how you like)

No doubt, same as last Sunday, the range will be crowded with "shooters" tomorrow, mostly looking the other way when the gazebos need moved.

In cynical mode

John Potter

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