Crosses Shoot - Cawdor v West Atholl 2012

6th May at Cawdor

A convincing win by West Atholl by 91 points. For the first time we had some TR/F shooters as well though there were not enough to make up teams.

  300m 500yds 600yds Total  
WEST ATHOLL RC          
T.Kidner 144v2 74v11 74v11 292v24 Gold Cross
K.MacDonald 141v3 73v8 75v12 289v23 Silver Cross
R.Scott 133v3 74v6 75v11 282v2 Bronze Cross
J.Potter 134v4 63v1 70v5 267v1  
J.McRae 133v1 66v7 64v3 263v11  
S.Duncan [122v1] [67v2] [61v2] [250v5]  
Top 5 scores 685v13 350v33 358v42 1393v88  
CAWDOR RC          
A.Bochel 130v1 71v7 70v7 271v15  
J.Kettle 140v3 65v3 65v2 270v8  
P.Dingle 136v1 58v4 64v4 258v9  
Munro 133v1 60v3 62v2 255v6  
Collier 121v0 68v8 59.0 248v8  
Pettit [117v0] [59v2] [61v2] [237v4]  
Top 5 scores 660v6 322v25 320v15 1302v46  
TR/F Scores          
WEST ATHOLL RC          
P.Burbridge 146v9 74v11 73v11 293v31 Silver medal
M.Barton 144v2 72v6 71v7 287v15  
CAWDOR RC          
D.Squires 104v0 67v5 61v3 232v8  

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