West Atholl Rifle Club v Perth Australia 2012

13th May

This shoot was to be 2x20 at 600yds but was abandoned due to severe weather conditions

Seven members went to the range on what was forecast to be the worst day of the season so far. Only five were daft enough to shoot and after completing 400 agreed to call it a day as the wind rose towards gale force and the rain started. F Class were represented only by Des who nobly turned out to do his scheduled day as Duty Member but did not shoot. All six targets are in place and working well.

Our postal match against Australia at 600yds could not happen and was eventually shot on 2nd September

    400x   Total
K Baxby   71v7   71v7
K MacDonald   70v7   70v7
J Kettle   70v6   70v6
A Hay   69v6   69v6
P Crosbie   73v10   73v10

The Perth Australia shoot had better success than us, going by 'Photos of 12 May 2012 Perth Fremantle Rifle Club' received from them below:

Image of the scoring Tablet, just recently purchased
Image of monitor and down range.
Gordon Neil shooting at 600 yards, using electronic targets
600 yards - Looking West along the mound. The other 5 clubs.
Gordon Neil shooting at 600 yards, using electronic targets
Left to right, G Owen, Peter Ridgway

You will notice the great day. Fantastic day to get really sunburnt if you are not careful and apply lots of sunscreen.

It is mild around 22 C, sunny with an easterly (land breeze) making the wind reading difficult.

The range heads north, north west, just slightly, so we are shooting towards the sun.

Yes, it is very glary, coming of the Ocean at this time of year, so the sighting is poor around 2.30 – 4.00 pm

We have not had much rain, so the mounds are dry and they are just coming green. So we have had to deal with lots of sand and dry vegetation getting all through our gear.

Perth Fremantle Rifle Club

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