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Claire Halleran Wins the Grand Aggregate at the Scottish Open


West Atholl Rifle Club would like to congratulate Claire Halleran on winning the Grand Aggregate at the Scottish Open. Claire also won the Friday aggregate.

Well done, Claire!

Claire Halleran Wins the Grand Aggregate at the Scottish Open.

Entries for the Tullibardine are now open.


Keith Baxby has kindly offered to run the meeting again this year, please send your entries to him directly.


The entry form is available here:  ENTRY FORM and  ENTRY FORM.


Club Shoot 3 Results


TR 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
K MacDonald 75.13 74.11 75.10 224.34
C Halleran 74.11 75.09 73.08 222.28
D Gow 68.02 68.02 71.01 207.05
M Majorek 65.01 67.03 69.05 201.09
P Grant 70.04 72.07 0.00 142.11
J Gaskell 0.00 0.00 71.06 71.06
F Open 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
R Thomson 75.09 75.09 74.06 224.24
A Manson 75.05 73.06 71.05 219.16
B Goodall 73.07 68.02 67.02 208.11
I Masson 72.03 70.00 64.03 206.06
FTR 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
P Crosbie 74.08 74.08 74.03 222.19
A Beattie 74.06 68.03 70.04 212.13
C Cairns 72.07 71.08 64.03 207.18
J Milner 65.03 66.02 65.02 196.07
Club FTR 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
J Gaskell 75.10 75.09 74.07 224.26
P Burbridge 72.02 75.12 75.09 222.23
P Dingle 70.03 75.09 72.06 217.18

Club Shoot 2 Results


TR 900yds 1000yds Total
K MacDonalde 96.11 97.07 193.18
C Halleran 97.09 96.06 193.15
T Kidner 95.09 91.08 186.17
J Roberts 92.04 90.04 182.08
J Potter 93.10 88.05 181.15
S Duncan 90.04 89.04 179.08
D Gow 87.04 84.03 171.07
E Munro 94.05 0.00 94.05
F Open 900yds 1000yds Total
R Thomson 98.10 88.04 186.14
H Inglis 90.06 89.05 179.11
I Stewart 73.03 84.04 157.07
B Goodall 88.03 66.01 154.04
FTR 900yds 1000yds Total
T Manktelow 90.04 74.02 164.06
C Cairns 84.02 75.01 159.03
A Beattie 83.02 66.01 149.03
Club FTR 900yds 1000yds Total
P Dingle 90.06 80.04 170.10

West of Scotland Open Meeting


This years Open meeting was held one week later than usual and unfortunately clashed with a Match Rifle shoot at Bisley, as a result, our numbers were slightly down this year.

We had a good contingent from Dollar Academy, all shooting fullbore rifle for the first time and all achieving very good scores. Congratulations to Harrison McCaig for winning the QI competition dropping no points to make a score of 105.16v.

Weather was dry (most of the time) and wind was light but tricky at long range on Sunday.

Chris Cairns shooting FTR at the meeting for the first time entered Saturday only, however, after winning the QI and Saturday Agg. he successfully negotiated permission from his wife to attend again on the Sunday and went on to win the FTR Grand Agg. Well done Chris and thanks to Mrs Cairns for granting permission.

Many thanks to all who supported the meeting after the two year Covid 19 break, we look forward to seeing you again next year and feel free to bring a friend.

Thanks are also due to everyone who helped rig the range, change targets, set out flags etc. willing helpers make all the difference to the smooth running of the meeting.



John Potter


Detail 1 at 900 yards
Keeping the 'Old Timers' competitive.
THE SILVERWARE (And Zambian Copper)
Kenneth Macdonald winner of Ladies Cup, Col. Begg, McQueen Rose Bowl,SRA Silver Medal and Kendal Trohy.
Claire Halleran won, Glasgow Herald, Glasgow Evening News,Astor Tankard,St.Mungo Rose Bowl and the Scottish Twenty Gold MEDAL.
Chris Cairns FTR winner of the Brown Cup, India Cup and Zambia Plate.
Paul Crosbie won the MnNaughton Cup.
Peter Burbridge FTR won the Daily Record Cup.
Q1 WINNER WITH 105.16V and A.H.Lee Harrison McCaig.
Simon Glen with the Inter Club Challenge Trophy won by West Atholl Rifle Club

Colin McEachran QC MBE


I am very sorry to announce the death of fellow member Colin McEachran QC MBE. Colin died at home on Saturday 21 May.

Colin was actively shooting until very recently and worked tirelessly to help our sport in Scotland. He started shooting at Glenalmond College and continued at Oxford University where he shot in the Chancellors Match against Cambridge in 1960 and 1961. He came second in the Grand Aggregate in 1966 and represented Scotland in the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch where he won a silver medal. A veteran of many of the great matches such as the Empire match, the Kolapore and the Palma, Colin was a mainstay of numerous GB teams and tours. He shot his first National match for Scotland in 1961 and would represent Scotland on a further 23 occasions in the National and 20 occasions in the MacKinnon. Colin also turned his hand to Match Rifle and shot for Scotland in four Elcho matches. Chairing the Scottish Rifle Association between 1981 to 1990, Colin was also heavily involved with the organisation of Commonwealth Games shooting events and was Director of Shooting for the 1986 Edinburgh Games, he was also the Scottish team manager for the for 1998 games in Kuala Lumpur.

Colin was vice chair of the Commonwealth Games Council for Scotland from 1991 and then Chairman from 1995 to 1999. He was instrumental in bringing the primary disciplines together to form the Scottish Target Shooting Federation, an organisation he was to chair between 2002 and 2006.

Latterly, Colin was instrumental in the formation of STS, which would become the new umbrella organisation for target shooting sports in Scotland. In 2018 Colin received the MBE for services to Target Shooting and to Commonwealth Games Scotland.

We also knew Colin in his professional capacity as a QC, a respected lawyer and Senior Counsel at the Scottish Bar.

He will be fondly remembered as the “Wigless Wonder”.


Colin McEachran QC MBE

First Club League Shoot


Our first club league shoot of the 2022 season was well attended by lots of familiar faces keen to return to some form of "post" covid normality. The weather was kind to us and the target systems worked well thanks to the work carried out over the non shooting months by John Potter and his group of willing helpers. Plenty of cobwebs were blown away but scoring wasn't as high as some might have expected on such a calm day, the flags were still hibernating and failed to really indicate what was happening with the wind.


TR 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
R Scaglione 75.06 74.08 73.04 222.18
E Munro 73.11 72.05 75.11 220.27
K MacDonald 73.09 74.07 73.08 220.24
K Baxby 70.04 74.11 71.05 215.20
S Glenn 73.09 69.05 72.06 214.20
T Kidner 68.05 75.01 69.04 212.10
J MacDonald 69.04 63.03 62.03 194.10
F Open 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
P Sandie 73.05 73.09 75.04 221.18
H Inglis 71.02 74.08 72.03 217.13
B Goodall 65.03 64.03 71.06 200.12
R Thomson 65.02 65.04 67.03 197.09
FTR 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
P Crosbie 71.08 71.05 72.06 214.19
A Beattie 67.03 73.08 66.02 206.13
J Milner 62.02 70.03 66.03 198.08
T McLaren 65.02 65.04 67.03 197.09
T Manktelow 64.01 68.05 63.02 195.08
Club FTR 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
P Burbridge 73.09 75.09 75.10 223.28
P Dingle 72.01 74.14 74.09 220.24
J MacCall 57.03 64.01 56.02 177.06

Work Day on the 6th of March, 2022


Eleven members answered our request for volunteers to replace the centre rubbers on all targets. Six members offered their apologies for various reasons, and the rest of our able bodied members kept their heads heads down! We could not have asked for better weather for the work in hand and in the event we completed all targets including refitting the heat shields and top channels. The system will be tested next Sunday afternoon, the morning will be spent completing the mantlet steps, raising the short range wind flags and other small tasks. Thanks are due to all the volunteers for freely giving up their spare time to refurbish the targets.


Work Party (6 March 2022)

West of Scotland Rifle Club Spring Meeting Entry Form


The entry form for the West of Scotland Rifle Club Spring Meeting is available here:  ENTRY FORM



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