Club Results for 8th April

18 members and 3 visiting shooters turned out for the first club shoot of the 2012 season on a cold, dull Easter Day. A vicious squall in the second half of 500 did not help those shooting at the time. There was not much wind, but what there was proved rapidly changing and not always easy to read, so possibles in TR were as common as vegetarian tigers. In F Class, Grant Taylor had   an excellent 75v14 at 400. In TR/F Paul Crosbie had an excellent 75v14 at 400 and a superb 75v15 at 600; Mike Barton had 75v6 at 600, Peter Burbridge a commendable 75v11 at 600 and probationary member John Milner 75v8 at 500.

  400   500   600   Day Total
K Baxby 73v8   74v9   74v10   221v27
R Scott 73v8   74v8   74v8   221v24
K MacDonald 72v6   74v3   74v7   220v26
J Potter 70v6   74v10   74v10   218v26
J Kettle 72v6   71v4   69v4   212v14
J MacDonald 71v8   69v5   71v5   211v18
D Rowland 67v4   73v6   71v6   211v16
P Dingle 69v5   68v0   70v2   207v7
F Class              
G Taylor` 75v14   72v6   74v6   221v26
H Inglis 71v3   68v2   46v2   185v7
R Thomson 68v7   62v4   52v2   182v13
P Crosbie 75v14   74v9   75v15   224v38
M Barton 74v12   73v11   75v6   222v29
P Burbridge 74v10   72v9   75v11   221v30
S Craig 73v8   74v10   70v5   217v23
J Wilson 74v6   73v10   70v6   217v22
R Wallace 72v10   71v8   72v10   215v28
J Milner 71v11   75v8   65v6   211v25
B Duke 66v2   68v7   72v5   206v14

Club Results for 15th April

Thirteen (fool)hardy souls turned out to face a bitterly cold northeast wind for the first Club long range shoot of the season. The wind was fresh, occasionally strong, changing quickly, not easy to read and seemed to cause disproportionate elevation changes. In TR, possibles were not even on the horizon, inners were more common than V bulls, nobody avoided a magpie at each distance and half a dozen outers made an appearance. Under such conditions Paul Crosbie's highly commendable TR/F 98v11 at 900 and Peter Burbridge's even more commendable TR/F 97v13 at 1000 were remarkable achievements all the more remarkable in Peter's case as he was using a 223.

Three MR shooters joined us at 1000. Their original plan to move back to 1100 had no takers after the cold had taken hold.

    900 1000 Day total
K Baxby   93v9 84v5 177v14
K MacDonald   93v8 84v2 177v10
J MacDonald   88v5 85v4 173v9
P Dingle   89v7 76v6 165v13
J Potter   87v4 78v4 165v8
J MacRae   NSR 81v3 81v3
F Class        
R Gow   87v4 81v1 168v5
P Burbridge   95v7 97v13 192v20
P Crosbie   98v11 90v9 188v20
J Bell   96v 5 92V6 188v11
M Barton   89v5 85v1 174v6
G Hogston   84v1 NSR 84v1
M Guest   NSR 74v3 74v3

Club Results for 17th June

Despite the recent dreadful weather 14 members enjoyed what must have been the most benign all-day conditions on Jubilee Range for a very long time: minimal wind and not a drop of rain. Minimal wind meant maximal midges, who turned up in large numbers with reinforcements and mercenaries. Even that had its benefits: as the vice-chairman said, if you were being eaten alive you needed no windage; if the wind got up to disperse the midges, you should put on half a minute.

In such conditions possibles were ten-a-penny but special mention must go to Paul Crosbie and Peter Burbridge. Paul had the highest TR/F score with 200v32. Peter made a real mess of shot 14 at 900 to give him only 100v19 at the distance, and was second to Paul at 200v30 for the day- but Peter was using 90 grain Berger BTs in 223 to Paul's 155 grain Berger in 308....... but on the other hand the 308s have a lower BC.

Particular thanks to Paul Crosbie for standing in as duty member at short notice and for making everything run so eficiently-so much so that WARC members could leave by lunch time, leaving the range to Match Rifle shooters who made good use of the calm conditions to test and chronograph loads.

    900 1000 Day total
K Baxby   93v9 84v5 177v14
K MacDonald   93v8 84v2 177v10
J MacDonald   88v5 85v4 173v9
P Dingle   89v7 76v6 165v13
J Potter   87v4 78v4 165v8
J MacRae   NSR 81v3 81v3
F Class        
R Gow   87v4 81v1 168v5
P Burbridge   95v7 97v13 192v20
P Crosbie   98v11 90v9 188v20
J Bell   96v 5 92V6 188v11
M Barton   89v5 85v1 174v6
G Hogston   84v1 NSR 84v1
M Guest   NSR 74v3 74v3

Club Results for 8th July

Nine members enjoyed a relaxed shoot on a dry day with enough wind to make it interesting. Shooting at 400 yds on a 300 metre ISSF target display proved challenging as usual. Kenny MacDonald was the clear TR winner. Peter Burbridge took the TR/F trophy by one point in 600. Thanks to all who helped set up and close down.

  Total ex 600
K MacDonald   552x11
J McRae   540x8
K Baxby   537x3
A Hay   534x0
P Dingle   527x2
D Gow   495x2
P Burbridge   565x7
M Barton   564x16
G Hogston   536x6

Club Results for 12th August

For once the newspapers would have been correct if they had produced their usual description of "the crack of rifles across the grouse moors on the Glorious Twelfth" as 16 members turned out on a dull, windy but dry day hoping to shoot 400, 500 and 600 yds. But we were delayed by target problems which were eventually solved by Pete Dingle's expertise. Before shooting started at 1-30 it was agreed we would shoot only at 400, some shooting 2+15 once, others shooting that twice on the understanding that their better score would count. Many thanks to everyone for their forebearance and for help mounting a new target and closing down.

J Potter   74v12
K MacDonald   74v9
E Jones   74v5
K Baxby   74v5
J McRae   73v8
A Hay   70v7
D Gow   69v5
J MacDonald   69v4
J Kettle   75v12
P Dingle   75v10
M Barton   74v12
P Burbridge   74v12
A Keiller   73v9
J Milner   72v8
D Keiller   69v6
G Hogston   68v3

Club Results for 2nd September

Sixteen members, three Guests and two visiting shooters started the day at 500 in clouds of midges, The wind soon rose to disperse them (midges, that is). Although mostly light the wind was rapidly changing with occasional short sharp gusts which caught out a few. We then shot 600, with TR and F class shooting an extra five rounds to make 2+ 20 for the postal match v Perth Australia, and finished the day in brilliant sunshine at 400.

Star performance of the day was Tim Kidner's possible for the whole day, the only other TR possible being Richard Scott's 75v10 at 500.

In TR/F Paul Crosbie had 75 at all three distances, Peter Burbridge had the same at 400 and 600, Mike Barton had 75 at 400 and 500. Guest tyro K Nangle had possibles at 400 and 600 and another guest tyro, F Bell, had one at 600. Well done!

    400x   500x   600x   Total
T Kidner   75v8   75v13   75v10   225v13
K MacDonald   74v9   74v4   74v7   222v20
R Scott   73v9   75v10   72v9   220v28
M Joyce   73v8   70v5   74v10   217v23
J Potter   72v5   72v7   73v9   217v21
E Jones   74v7   71v8   71v6   216v21
J MacDonald   74v6   71v4   70v7   215v17
J MacRae   74v6   70v2   71v4   215v17
K Baxby   72v6   70v8   72v5   214v19
F Class                
H Inglis   72v6   68v3   61v2   201v11
R Thomson   68v2   67v5   63v2   198v9
P Crosbie   75v15   75v14   75v14   225v43
P Burbridge   75v14   74v7   75v14   224v35
M Barton   75v13   75v12   74v10   224v35
K Nangle   75v14   71v6   75v8   221v28
F Bell   70v12   73v5   75v9   218v26
J Milne   72v10   74v7   72v5   218v22
G Hogston   74v13   73v6   70v6   217v25
A Keiller   74v8   70v9   72v6   216v23
H McIntosh   75v3   73v9   72v8   220v20
B Duke   70v4   68v2   N/S   138v6

Club Murray Cup Results 16th September

26 members turned out to shoot the Murray cup competition, the last WARC event of the season. We began in still conditions and hordes of midges, but after the first detail the wind got up and proved intermittently very tricky, especially at 900. Experience showed, and the contest was close, only two points separating the top four places in TR. After 400, 500 and 600 Tim Kidner was leading John Potter by three points, having had possibles at 400 and 600; but at 900 John put in a superb 74v12 in tricky conditions to Tim's 71v3, leaving them equal on points with John taking the trophy by 4 V's. Despite the conditions there were 7 possibles in TR/F including one by Angus Keiller, a young probationary member. Paul Sandie won the F class trophy, for the second consecutive year, by a good margin.

    400x   500x   600x   900x   Total
J Potter   74v11   73v10   74v10   74v12   295v43
T Kidner   75v13   74v10   75v13   71v3   295v39
K MacDonald   74v9   73v8   74v10   73v6   294v33
RG Scott   74v7   72v9   73v9   74v8   293v34
M Barlow   74v9   75v10   71v5   67v7   287v31
M Ozmond   72v9   74v5   72v6   68v3   286v23
J MacDonald   74v7   74v5   71v9   66v1   285v22
D Rowland   71v6   73v8   68v9   71v4   283v27
P Dingle   73v8   71v6   74v3   65v4   283v21
A Hay   74v8   70v7   72v8   66v4   282v27
A Macpherson   71v6   73v8   69v6   69v3   282v23
J MacRae   73v12   74v8   70v6   64v4   281v30
K Baxby   68v2   74v10   72v9   64v5   278v26
J Gaywood   63v1   70v3   68v7   71v4   272v15
D Gow   58v2   67v3   69v5   68v3   262v13
A Ozmond                   N/R
M Barton   75v11   74v11   75v9   74v9   298v40
J Kettle   75v12   74v10   75v13   72v7   296v42
P Burbridge   75v14   75v11   73v9   70v6   293v40
A Keiller   75v9   68v6   66v2   73v9   282v26
D Keiller   69v5   72v6   73v9   68v2   282v22
H McIntosh   69v7   73v5   72v6   67v3   281v23
F Class                    
P Sandie   -   98v8   95v8   93v6   286v22
H Inglis   -   96v6   87v9   83v2   266v17
R Thomson   -   91v4   89v2   83v3   263v9
R Gow   -   94v6   92v8   69v1   255v15

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