End of Season Trophy Winners
& Murray Cup


  Butter Cup: - best two scores at 400 - HPS 150
    1 K MacDonald 148v18    
    2 E Jones 148v12    
    3 K Baxby 147v13    
  Christie Rosebowl: - best two scores at 500/600 - HPS 300
    1 K MacDonald 296v21    
    2 R Scott 295v35    
    3 J Potter 293v36    
  Norwich Union: - best 900 & 1000 scores - HPS 200
    1 K Baxby 196v28    
    2 K MacDonald 196v22    
    3 T Kidner 192v18    
  Munro Broadsword: - through the ranges - HPS 425
    1 K Baxby 418v52    
    2 R Scott 418v42    
    3 T Kidner 417v49    
  HRA Tankard: - through the ranges - HPS 425
    1 P Crosbie 425v75    
    2 P Burbridge 424v65    
    3 M Barton 420v58    
  Seann a-Bhalaith Atholl: - through the ranges - HPS 425
    1 H Inglis 391v23    
    2 R Thomson 377v23    
Stewart Nicoll: Handicap Trophy J McRae  
Alex Smith Trophy: Murray Cup + Tullibardine T Kidner  
Atholl Trophy: Murray Cup + Match Rifle M Barlow

Murray Cup

    400 500 600 900 Total
J Potter   74v11 73v10 74v10 74v12 295v43
T Kidner   75v13 74v10 75v13 71v3 295v39
K MacDonald   74v9 73v8 74v10 73v6 294v33
RG Scott   74v7 72v9 73v9 74v8 293v34
M Barlow   74v9 75v10 71v5 67v7 287v31
M Ozmond   72v9 74v5 72v6 68v3 286v23
J MacDonald   74v7 74v5 71v9 66v1 285v22
D Rowland   71v6 73v8 68v9 71v4 283v27
P Dingle   73v8 71v6 74v3 65v4 283v21
A Hay   74v8 70v7 72v8 66v4 282v27
A Macpherson   71v6 73v8 69v6 69v3 282v23
J MacRae   73v12 74v8 70v6 64v4 281v30
K Baxby   68v2 74v10 72v9 64v5 278v26
J Gaywood   63v1 70v3 68v7 71v4 272v15
D Gow   58v2 67v3 69v5 68v3 262v13
A Ozmond           NSR
M Barton   75v11 74v11 75v9 74v9 298v40
J Kettle   75v12 74v10 75v13 72v7 296v42
P Burbridge   75v14 75v11 73v9 70v6 293v40
A Keiller   75v9 68v6 66v2 73v9 282v26
D Keiller   69v5 72v6 73v9 68v2 282v22
H McIntosh   69v7 73v5 72v6 67v3 281v23
F Class            
P Sandie   - 98v8 95v8 93v6 286v22
H Inglis   - 96v6 87v9 83v2 266v17
R Thomson   - 91v4 89v2 83v3 263v9
R Gow   - 94v6 92v8 69v1 255v15

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