Iain Conacher 25 February 1944 - 5 December 2012

We are very sorry and sad to inform members of the death of Iain Conacher of Pitlochry, Honorary Secretary and Police Firearms Liaison Officer of West Atholl Rifle Club for the past 15 years.

Iain did a huge amount of work for the membership behind the scenes in both capacities, but it is in the way of things that if an Hon. Sec. does his job properly and without fuss, as Iain did, members barely notice. The efforts he put in for the club were obvious mainly to the other office bearers. Those efforts were all the more significant and appreciated because Iain’s many other commitments limited his shooting at WARC to one or two days each season. Iain put a lot into the Club and took very little out.


Iain at 2003 Murray Cup
Iain testing the Electronic Targets after installation in 2008

Iain leaves his wife Jan and two sons, James and Gordon. A letter has been written on members’ behalf expressing our condolences and our appreciation for Iain’s work for the Club.

Iain was well-known and well-liked in and around Pitlochry. He was involved with several other organisations, among which were Scouts, the Curling Club, Blair Atholl SBRC and Pitlochry Rotary Club of which he was President this year. 14 WARC members were among over 200 people who attended Iain's funeral.

Keith Baxby

WARC chairman

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