Tony Robertson

1944 - 2016

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Tony Robertson on October the 5th, aged 72 Tony, being an American held the distinction of being West Atholl's longest-distance member.

We first met Tony on his visit to the Jubilee range in June 2011 at that time he was a member of the Creedmoor Cup touring team from the USA, they had competed in Ireland for the Creedmoor and then came across to our SRA Long Range Championships. Tony was in very good company with Nancy Gallagher and Darrel Buell; some enduring friendships were established there and then.

Tony impressed us all with this kindly demeanour and good humour, he was an excellent, genial ambassador for his country and although he was a proud American, he had not forgotten his roots. While in Scotland, Tony was keen to study his genealogy and made time to go off looking up Parish records for traces of his Scottish ancestors, scouring Perthshire's record offices and cemeteries for his long-lost family connections. Clearly, his family and his history were important to him.

On the range, Tony proved himself to be a fine rifleman, he clearly had years of experience as a shooter and wind-reader, yet when confronted with the baffling vagaries of the Jubilee range, he just shrugged his shoulders, smiled broadly and seemed to take it all in his stride.

It was not enough simply for Tony to contend with the tricky range, he overcame car troubles too; he managed to get two tyre punctures and to cap it all the tyres were of an unusual size requiring Tony and a fellow club member to go dashing off around Perthshire to find replacements, despite all these stressful distractions he still acquitted himself very well on the day, using his 284Shehane to good effect in coming a very creditable second in the individual long range championships. It was a truly remarkable achievement for a first-time visitor to the beautiful, but often difficult Jubilee range. It was a very memorable match and Tony was a credit to his team, he will be missed.


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